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About Us

Illinois Computer Training™ is a group of highly trained professionals and educators teaming up to help adults learn fundamental computer concepts, and busines computer skills.

Why Adults? Our founder, Daniel Blackhall, noticed that the "Digital Divide" is increasing between baby boomers and the generations after them. A significant portion of the baby boomer population is still in the labor force, and they are losing out on many jobs they would otherwise be qualified for, because they were lacking the necessary fundamental computer skills.

We have found that many people in this position never address this issue, either becasue they are intimidated by the technology or may feel uncomfortable asking questions around younger co-workers. We take these feelings into consideration to create a learning environment that demistifies the computer and explains the topics in everday terminology. Our goal is to create an understanding of what the programs are used for, and how to effectively use them. Illinois Computer Training™ focuses entirely on teaching adults the computer skills they need to productively interact and work with a younger, more tech-savvy generation.

We offer computer training classes in convienient locations throughout the City of Chicago and its suburbs.