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Microsoft Project 2003 Online Course Detail
Microsoft Project 2003 Online Course

Microsoft Project 2003 Online Course Detail

Course Decription: MS Project 2003

We offer one of the most comprehensive and easy to use online class for Microsoft Project 2003. Students will learn a variety of topics including:
  • Microsoft Project 2003
  • Creating a project
  • Entering Tasks and Assigning Resources
  • Project Navigation
  • Updating Project Progress
  • Project Reporting
Special Offer:You will receive all the available Microsoft Project 2003 online courses, with the purchase of a single MS Project 2003 online course.
Microsoft Project 2003 Course Demo

Course Outline

The Fundamentals

Planning the Project
Understanding Project Management
What's New in Project 2003?
Understanding the Project Screen
Using Common Views
Using More Views
Creating a New Project
Entering the Project Scheduling Date
Selecting the Project Calendar
Adjusting Working Hours
Adjusting Working Days
Creating a New Calendar
Using the Project Guide
Printing the Project
Printing the Current View as a Report
Getting Help

Entering the Task List

Entering a Task
Estimating Task Duration
Entering Task Duration
Entering a Milestone
Organizing Tasks into Phases
Linking Tasks
Editing Task Links
Unlinking Tasks
Creating Recurring Tasks
Using Task Information
Using Task Notes
Using Task Hyperlinks
Moving and Copying a Task
Inserting and Deleting a Task

Entering and Assigning Resources

Entering People Resources
Entering Equipment Resources
Entering Material Resources
Adjusting Individual Resource Working Schedules
Using Resource Notes
Understanding Effort-Driven Project Scheduling
Assigning Resources to Tasks
Assigning Additional Resources to Tasks
Assigning Material Resources to Tasks

Viewing the Project

Using Split Views
Sorting Information
Grouping Information
Filtering Information
Using AutoFilters
Viewing Details
Using Zoom

Working with Tasks

Overlapping Tasks
Delaying Tasks
Setting Task Deadlines
Setting Task Constraints
Splitting Tasks
Understanding Task Type
Assigning a Task Calendar
Understanding Task Indicators

Working with Resources

Delaying Resource Start Time
Applying Predefined Resource Contours
Specifying Resource Availability Dates
Grouping Resources
Assigning a Resource Calendar

Working with Costs

Entering Resource Overtime Rates
Specifying Pay Rates for Different Dates
Adding Pay Rates for a Resource
Applying a Different Pay Rate to an Assignment
Using Material Resource Consumption Rates
Entering Task Fixed Costs

Balancing Overallocated Resources

Scheduling Resource Overtime
Identifying Resource Overallocation
Balancing Resources Manually
Balancing Resources Automatically

Updating Project Progress

Saving a Baseline Plan
Updating the Entire Project
Updating Task Actual Values
Updating Task Completion Percentage
Updating Actual Work
Updating Actual Costs

Checking Project Status

Viewing Project Statistics
Viewing Project Costs
Viewing the Project's Critical Path
Checking Duration Variance
Checking Work Variance
Checking Cost Variance
Identifying Slipped Tasks
Saving an Interim Plan

Reporting the Project

Scheduling Resource Overtime
IdentOpening a Report
Adding Page Elements to a Report
Sorting a Report
Defining Report Contents
Saving a Project as a Web Page

Working with Multiple Projects

Creating Task Links Between Projects
Consolidating Projects
Viewing Multiple Project Critical Paths
Viewing Consolidated Project Statistics
Creating a Resource Pool

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