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vans shoes best online discount, vans old skool online retailing store, vans for sale buy quality guaranteed products online

Computer Training in Chicago, Naperville and Shaumburg
Illinois Computer Training offers online and instructor led computer training classes for people at any skill level. Our computer training courses focus on Basic computer skills and Microsoft Office products.

We offer instructor led computer classes in Chicago, as well as Naperville and Schaumburg. Additionally, we have comprehensive online computer training courses, so you can learn about computers anywhere. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced professional, Illinois Computer Training has the right class for you.

Instructror Classes

All Instructor Classes in Illinois

Online Classes

Learn at your own pace with our
online courses. Select a class from the list below.

  • Microsoft Office Package
  • Excel Online Classes
  • Word Online Classes
  • Access Online Classes
  • Outlook Online Classes
  • PowerPoint Online Classes
  • Windows XP Online Class
  • Online Value Package

    Special Offer: You can now get our entire suite of online classes for only $99.99.

    The package includes all of our online classes including: Excel, Access, Word, Vista, XP, Project, PowerPoint, Outlook and Quickbooks.

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